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Creating Optimal Health
through Nutrition Education

Nutrition Therapy Institute
Full-spectrum nutrition education of the highest standard

Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) stands for academic excellence.

Founded in 1999, NTI is a private holistic nutrition school offering one of the most highly regarded academic programs in the country.

At NTI, we’re about:
challenging, in-depth programs covering the full spectrum of nutrition education.
holistic nutrition fundamentals.
whole, natural and organic foods vs. processed foods.
customized nutrition programs to address individual health concerns and challenges.
real-life educational situations with a unique emphasis on students’ own personal
health journeys.
flexible learning schedules, including campus-based classes and self- paced,
at-home study options.Check out this website on

Most importantly, NTI provides a depth of knowledge that gives our students an outstanding foundation as professionals in holistic nutrition.

Curriculum note: NTI programs do not train students as registered dieticians, an educational track taught through universities and using more conventional programs based on the food guide pyramid.

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Nutrition Therapy Institute, Inc.

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