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Edinburgh Global

We're making a significant contribution to the world, through global partnerships, exchange and engagement.

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Support for staff

Funding is available for academic and professional services staff to teach or train in Europe and beyond with Go Abroad Staff.

Go Abroad Staff

For Edinburgh Global Staff:

Guide for our people?

The University of Edinburgh offers a visa advice service for?international staff coming to work in Edinburgh.

Staff Visas

Partnership support for staff

We recognise the value of creating innovative international programmes, developing research collaborations, enhancing mobility, capacity building and leveraging new funding streams.

Partnership?resources and guidance for staff

Information for staff who support?exchange students and who work?with student exchange partners across the globe.

Regional Teams

Connect with the University's teams who support strategic relationships in key regions.


East Asia


Latin America

Middle East

North America

Southeast Asia

South Asia

Global Partnership Networks

We are an active member of?partnership networks:

The Coimbra Group

Universitas 21




Global Alumni Community

Discover our global alumni community:

Connect with alumni groups

International student and applicant support

go connect

Dedicated support websites for international students.

International Applicants?

New Students?

Student Immigration Service?

Study Abroad in Edinburgh

Go abroad

Dedicated websites for studying or?working?abroad.

Find out more about the?options available, including information on funding:

Go abroad

The exchanges website, providing advice on?destinations, deadlines and applications:

Student exchanges

A photo of Rome at dusk for Edinburgh Global.

Information?for applicants, current students and staff on the impact of the EU referendum.

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