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Experts appointed to Covid-19 advisory group

Blue cells under a magnifying glass - ? Ilya Lukichev via Getty Images
Four Edinburgh researchers have joined a group providing expert advice to the Scottish Government on its response to Covid-19.

Respiratory disease expert wins alumni award

Zhong Nanshan, an epidemiologist renowned for discovering the SARS coronavirus, has won the first Being Edinburgh award.

University fast-tracks innovation to battle Covid-19

Edinburgh researchers are joining forces with commercial companies to quickly develop new technologies to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

Data-Driven Innovation grants to fight Covid-19

Edinburgh City
Projects to help Edinburgh and the surrounding region recover from Covid-19 are to be supported by a new £100,000 fund.

Scientists to map Covid-19 spread

Female scientist prepares SARS- CoV2 sample for real time sequencing at ERI laboratories.
Scientists from the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian have joined a UK consortium analysing the genetic code of Covid-19.

Experts play key role in bid to curb Covid-19

A view of Old College quad
Researchers from across the University are rallying to support global efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Research to probe how Covid-19 affects people

???????The University has received nearly £5 million from the government’s rapid response call to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

New graduates join NHS fight against Covid-19

Students outside the Chancellors Building
Edinburgh’s final-year medical students are to support the frontline fight against Covid-19 by graduating from the University early.

Coronavirus update from the Principal

Principal Peter Mathieson
In his latest message, the Principal and Vice-Chancellor thanks all members of the University community for their courage, conviction, passion, and innovation in responding to the challenges of the pandemic and looks forward to a strong future.

Sea-themed music score is breath of fresh air

A senior lecturer has completed a musical collaboration with Edinburgh schoolchildren that explores people’s relationships with the sea.

Raise cigarette price to lower health risk, experts say

Minimum tobacco pricing could significantly improve the health of people living in Scotland’s most economically disadvantaged areas, experts say.

Footprints show stegosaurs left mark on Skye

They are among the most recognisable dinosaurs … now Edinburgh palaeontologists have discovered that stegosaurs left a lasting impression on a Scottish island.
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