Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Current students

Additional guidance on academic matters and the support available for students currently studying at the University of Edinburgh.

Please note that, in light of the lockdown restrictions implemented by the UK and Scottish Governments on 23?March 2020, only ‘essential-services’ should be operating on campus.?We will be updating these FAQs regularly with the latest guidance.?

Assessments & exams

Information on?assessments, exams, learning adjustments and special circumstances.

Assessments and exams


Study & work placements

Information on placements and field trips, including study/work placements abroad.

Study and work placements

PGR students ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

Information and guidance for Postgraduate Research (PGR) students.

PGR students


University advice and support

?University services and wellbeing


Visa and immigration support??



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