New Students

Welcome to the University of Edinburgh!

This is where you will find all of the information and resources to help you get prepared and ready?from now and as you approach?your start date. Join the New Student Facebook Group 2020-2021?to start meeting your fellow students!

Latest Information for?prospective students who have applied to study at the University of Edinburgh.

Answers to key questions in relation to Covid-19

Find out more about accommodation options

Information about the choices of places to live when studying

Green desk with various papers on it. An arm coming in from the left is writing on something on the desk.

Resources to help you to get prepared for starting University

Dates for Welcome Week 2020 and what to expect

Airport arrival

Information about how to get to Edinburgh and the University and how to travel around the?city

Two student ambassadors showing the way

List of student support services and guidance about seeking support

Students in Old College walking

What it is like to live and study as a new student

Doctor holding glass globe

Information on when and how to access health services when you start?

Calculator and money

Guidance on how to find funding, open a bank account and manage your budget

parent talking with child

Advice on how you can help your?new student transition successfully?into university.

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