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Undergraduate enquiries - 2020 entry

Have a question about undergraduate study in the 2020-2021 academic year? Fill out this form to help us route your enquiry to the correct department.

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Affected by changes to exam results?

If you have been affected by the recent changes to SQA, A Level and IB exam results, read our guidance on what to do next.

This may include filling in a separate form to reconsider your application. Do not use this form to submit reconsideration requests.

Guidance for applicants affected by revised grades

Applying for accommodation

We expect there to be accommodation for all new students starting in September 2020. You are guaranteed accommodation if you meet certain requirements.

Check the requirements to be guaranteed accommodation

Don’t worry if you don’t qualify for this guarantee. Apply now, and we’ll do our best to help you.

Health/Covid-19 implications on accommodation

We’re committed to being as flexible as possible for those joining us in September, and we have steps in place to help you get the best start at Edinburgh.

Moving to Edinburgh: Covid-19 information


After you apply

What happens after you have applied, including tracking your application and accepting your offer.

After you apply

Study in 2021

Applications for 2021 entry open on 1 September 2020.

Undergraduate 2021 entry


UCAS Adjustment allows applicants who have met and exceeded the conditions of their Firm choice to reconsider where and what to study.

We are now closed for UCAS Clearing and Adjustment?and not considering any additional candidates.

UCAS Adjustment

We have received updated SQA, IB and A Level grades directly from UCAS,?you do not need to contact us to confirm your grades.

We are actively contacting applicants by email as quickly as we can as we review each application.

We appreciate that this is urgent, but we are responding to hundreds of applicants and have a duty to all of you. We will respond as quickly as possible and no later than 7 September.

Guidance for applicants affected by revised grades


We are now closed for UCAS Clearing and Adjustment?and not considering any additional candidates.

UCAS Clearing

Confirming my place

If you have met the conditions of your offer: congratulations!? Your place will be confirmed automatically and you do not need to contact us to confirm your grades.

Check your status

You can check the status of your application via UCAS Track.

UCAS Track

New students

Check out our comprehensive guide to getting started as a new student.

New students website ?

Decline my place

If you’re sure you want to decline your place, then you can release yourself from your offer by clicking on the 'Decline my place' button on your application in UCAS Track and following the instructions.

UCAS Track

Just be sure that you have your offer in writing from the other university before declining your offer with us.

?Defer my place

Our official deadline for deferrals has now passed. In some circumstances?we?may be able to consider additional requests.?

Find out about the process for deferring your place

Didn't meet conditions of my offer

If you do not meet the terms of your Conditional offer, your application will still receive careful consideration provided that you have met our minimum entry requirements. ?

You will be informed of any decisions we make via UCAS Track. You do not need to contact us.

UCAS Track



We will treat all resits, taken at the first opportunity available to you, as first attempts. This is to reflect that examinations were not possible in Spring 2020, which was outwith your control.

We do not defer conditional offers.

If you choose to resit an examination you will need to start the application process again, via UCAS, for entry in 2021. We cannot guarantee that an application will be successful given the likely increase in competition for places in 2021-2022.

MBChB and Veterinary Medicine offers

As we cannot offer flexibility to wider offer conditions for MBChB and Veterinary Medicine, we will honour conditional MBChB and Veterinary Medicine offers if you need to resit. This reflects the exceptional requirement for all Scottish domiciled applicants to present Advanced Higher qualifications for entry to these degree programmes. The same exception will be applied to all applicants to these two programmes,?including A Level applicants.

Fee status in 2021-2022

Fee status assessment may be impacted by changes to tuition fee regulations. EU nationals without settled status in the UK are unlikely to retain their 'home' tuition fee status. Fee status for Irish nationals is still to be determined but will benefit from the Common Travel Area agreement.

Visas and immigration

We are closely monitoring the opening of visa application centres, and aim to issue CAS documents within 2-3 weeks of your request.

Visa applications