2020 entry

Guidance for applicants affected by revised grades

We have finished reviewing all applications for students affected by the announcements on revised grades.

This guidance is for all applicants whose results were affected by recent announcements from the Scottish, UK, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments, as well as the IB.

Applicants contacted

We have now contacted applicants who either:

  • submitted our form for us to reconsider your application
  • were automatically eligible to be reconsidered

We would like to thank you for your patience while we have responded to hundreds of applicants.

If you have outstanding issues with your application, please contact our admissions team.

Email sra-appeals@ed.ac.uk

Accommodation guarantee

We have extended the accommodation guarantee deadline for those students who have been directly affected by these changes and will confirm accommodation offers to anyone who received a confirmed place.

Undergraduate accommodation guarantee

Our guidance

Holding an Edinburgh offer as your insurance choice?

You did not need to contact us if both of these statements applied to you:

  • you are currently holding an unconditional offer with us but we were your insurance choice
  • you would prefer to go to your firm choice

However, you needed to contact your firm choice university and ask them to reconsider you.

Rejected by Edinburgh and holding an offer elsewhere?

If you were rejected by Edinburgh and are now holding an offer elsewhere, we emailed you to fill in a form to confirm you wanted us to reconsider your application.

The form closed for submissions on 31 August.

To be reconsidered, your revised grades must have met the original conditions of your offer.

Rejected by Edinburgh and not holding any offers?

If your firm offer was with Edinburgh and you are not holding any offers now, we automatically reconsidered that decision if you now met your offer conditions.

If your insurance offer was with Edinburgh and you now meet the conditions for your firm choice, we reconsidered our decision only if your firm choice cannot offer you a place.

How we honoured offers

Where we could, we made a positive decision and confirmed places if you met your conditions.

Within?this process, we continued to reinforce the importance of our contextualised admissions process and honoured the contextualised offers made to?those who were?eligible for extra consideration under our Widening Access Offer policy.

Widening access offers


  • There were physical, placement, or capacity issues for some of our degree programmes.
  • We may have needed to offer alternative programmes or defer places until 2021 entry.