Undergraduate study - 2021 entry

Duolingo English Test for degree programme entry

Given the exceptional circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Edinburgh will consider acceptance of the Duolingo English Test (DET) as a demonstration of English language competency in specific circumstances.

When?we may consider?DET

We will only consider acceptance of DET for degree programmes when?no recognised test is available to you.

Currently this is likely to apply only to applicants from mainland China and Iran.

Accepted English language tests

When we will not consider DET

The University will reserve the right not to admit on the basis of?DET?test results if:

  • the number of students exceeds the in-sessional support available for academic English; and/or
  • the number of students would impact on student experience in individual programme areas

DET score requirements

The minimum?DET?score for degree entry will be 120.

Higher minimum requirements may be associated with individual programmes.

Please see the equivalency table below to check the requirement to meet your IELTS conditions.

University of Edinburgh equivalency table

Duolingo score IELTS programme requirements
120 University-wide minimum
125 7.0
135 7.5
145 8.0

How will you get my score?

You must send us?your full scores. We will be able to verify these directly with DuoLingo.

Who do I send my score to?

You should contact the correct college admissions office for your degree.?

Contact an undergraduate college admissions office

If you're not sure?which college to contact,?you will find the college listed on your chosen degree's page in our degree finder:

Degree finder?